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      review your reservation

      Check your itinerary to verify the date and time of your departure. Ensure all passenger information is correct and matches your travel documents EXACTLY.

      gather your travel documents

      Ensure you have government issued ID that matches the name on your reservation. The identification must be valid for the duration of your travels.

      book your hotel

      book your car rental

      Book your rental car with Flair and take advantage of special offers with our partner

      notify us about special needs or requests

      Do you require a wheelchair? Are you travelling with a pet or service dog? We need to know. Contact Flair's customer service team at least 48 hours before departure.

      verify baggage size and weight

      Ensure your personal item, carry on bag, and checked bag are within our size allowances. Bags over these measurements and weight restrictions may be subject to additional fees.

      purchase bags in advance and save

      The price of baggage goes up at the airport.

      packing tips

      Keep your travel documents, money, car keys and medications in your personal item or carry on bag. See the list of restricted items and special items.

      check in online

      You must check in online. Online check in starts 24 hours before scheduled departure. Print your boarding pass at home or download it to your mobile device. There is a fee of $25 plus tax to check in at the airport.

      check your flight status

      Check your flight status online. If anything changes, you will be notified via the email provided when booking.

      arrive on time

      Airport check in counters open 3 hours before departure and close 45 mins before departure for domestic flights and 60 mins before scheduled departure for international flights. Flair recommends arriving at least 2 hours before scheduled departure. Failure to arrive early may result in missing your flight.

      review the enhanced safety measures

      New enhanced safety measures are continuing to change.

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