Baggage Services

There are all kinds of offbeat items that require a little more care and coaching for packing. For questions about carry-ons to cats, the following section should help answer your baggage questions.

Once you’ve navigated this list, if you still can’t find find what you’re looking for, please contact a Flair Customer Service Rep at via our contact form.


At Flair we realize a lot of our customers are going on vacation and need all the accoutrements for skiing, hiking, biking and the rest. Even when visiting friends and relatives there are all kinds of oddball things that people want to bring along and our 737 jets are ready for almost all of it: The Security & Safety section details those items that you can’t bring with you; while this section provides guidelines for the stuff that you can bring with you.

As Flair is all about choice, we charge for bringing certain items because not everyone needs them. Please note, fees are based on single flight segments.

Flair is keenly aware that some customers have mobility issues and medical conditions that require support devices. The Special Services section in this explains how we support those that need a little extra help.

Please be aware that Flair  may request any customer to permit a search of their person and baggage. Flair also reserves the right to search baggage in the customer’s absence. The purpose of any such search is to ensure aircraft and passenger safety and to determine whether the passenger is in possession of, or their baggage contains unacceptable items as per the  Security & Safety section. Should the passenger refuse to comply with the search request, Flair may refuse to carry the passenger and/or their baggage. Flair also recommends that passengers do not wrap any packages or gifts to be taken on board flights, as they may have to be opened for security reasons.

It is important that you remember to place address tags on your baggage – we recommend putting an address label inside checked baggage. For more information on this please see “Packing Advice’ at the end of this Baggage Services Section.

Disclosure of baggage rules and fees

The Canadian Transport Agency mandates that travel service providers such as Flair fully address the conditions for carrying customer baggage, where it can be carried (carry-on or checked), special allowances and all related charges. This includes:

  • The maximum weight and dimensions of passenger bags, if applicable, both checked and unchecked;
  • The number of checked and unchecked passenger bags that may be transported and the applicable charges;
  • Excess weight and oversized baggage charges;
  • Charges related to check-in, collection and delivery of checked baggage;
  • Acceptance and charges related to special items, e.g. surf boards, pets, bicycles, etc;
  • Baggage provisions related to prohibited or unacceptable items, including embargoes;
  • Terms or conditions that would alter or impact the baggage allowances and charges applicable to passengers (e.g. frequent flyer status, early check-in, pre-purchasing baggage allowances with a particular credit card);
  • Other rules governing treatment of baggage for customers such as needing special assistance, etc.; and
  • Transportation of overweight and oversized special items (e.g. skiis, surfboards, bicycles or pets, etc.)

Flair baggage information and fees (see How To Save section) that are applicable to the customer will also be disclosed in the summary section of the customer’s receipt/itinerary after booking and payment are complete.

Unacceptable items for baggage

Generally speaking, unacceptable items to bring in your baggage include:

  • Items which are forbidden to be carried by the applicable laws, regulations, or orders of Canada.
  • Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft. These unacceptable items are specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Items, which in the carrier’s opinion, are unsuitable for carriage because of their weight, size or character, for example, fragile or perishable items (see Carry On Baggage section and Checked Baggage section below for details)
  • Live animals except as Service Animals for disabled persons and small pets that are not considered dangerous and are secured in an approved pet carrier (see Carry On Baggage section below for details).
  • Firearms other than for hunting or sporting purposes are prohibited from carriage as baggage. (see Checked Baggage section below for details).
  • If you have any questions about what cannot be transported as carry on or checked baggage please review the very easy to use CATSA Search Engine here: What Can I Bring. Also see Flair Security and Safety section on this website.

Carry on baggage

The Baggage section of “How To Save” on this website outlines the specifications (Size & Weight) and prices of the various baggage types that can be brought on board the aircraft. A recurring theme from Flair  is to book your ancillaries (baggage, seat selections, etc.) as early in the process as you can. When you use our website versus our people (such as at Airport counters), you will be charged lower fees.

As a simple rule of thumb – when you buy any optional feature, the further away you are from the aircraft door, the lower the fees.

You are entitled to bring on board the aircraft one personal bag for free and it must be stored under the seat in front of you. Items such as ID, travel documents, jewelry, keys, medication and mobile communications devices should be carried in your personal bag.

All other carry-on baggage is charged a fee slightly higher than checked baggage and must be stored in the overhead bins. Flair charges this carry-on fee to encourage customers to check their baggage: This enables us to speed up the boarding and de-boarding processes which improves the customer experience while keeping costs down. Remember – lower costs translate to lower fares!

All carry on baggage must fit into the size device at the check in and departure counters. The specifications are noted in the Baggage portion of the “How To Save” section.

Acceptable Carry On Items

For a complete list of items permitted in checked baggage please visit

Electronic Items

The following battery-powered personal electronic devices may be carried for personal use and may only be used in the aircraft when permitted by the flight crew. Communications devices must be in “Airplane Mode” while in flight or when requested by the flight crew

  • Devices include: air purifiers, calculators, cameras, cell phones, cordless noise filtering headsets, e-watches, entertainment systems and games, laptops and tablets.
  • The following battery powered personal electronic devices may be transported but not used in the cabin of the aircraft.
  • Devices include: electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, AM/FM transmitters and receivers, remote-controlled toys, CB radios and portable two-way radio communication devices.
  • There are specific instructions on how to handle various types of batteries for both carry on and checked baggage. Please refer to this link for more detailed information:


  • Up to two litres of blood intended for personal use will be accepted as carry-on. Blood for non-personal use must be shipped as cargo via another carrier service.
  • Blood must be packaged in either plastic vials with screw-top lids taped shut, single-use vacuum collection tubes, or sealed plastic bags (preferably double-bagged).
  • As blood is handled as a perishable item, it must be packaged in a leak-proof container that is resistant to vibration or damage (such as a cardboard-enclosed Styrofoam™ box ice chest) with cold packs for cooling, and the container must then be single or double strapped with tape, string, or elastic bands.
  • Airport security screening may request a letter issued by an authorized agency to confirm that the blood is non-infectious. Infectious blood samples are not accepted for transport.

Cremated Remains

  • All cremation containers will be X-rayed. Documentation from a funeral home does not provide an exemption to the screening requirement.
  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) recommends that cremated remains be transported in temporary containers (such as those made from plastic, cardboard or cloth) as these containers are more likely to scan clearly and pass security screening. Please note: screening officers are not permitted to open a cremation container, and will not inspect the contents if you open it yourself.
  • You may also bring the empty permanent container (such as metal, granite and ceramic) containers with you as carry-on baggage.
  • Containers that do not pass security screening will not be accepted as carry-on baggage or for travel as checked baggage.
  • For more information please see visit

Food Items

  • For onboard consumption; in disposable packages and carried on your person or in your carry-on.

Infant Car Seats

Medical Devices


  • Must be in the original labeled container
  • Syringes will only be accepted when accompanied with medication that is professionally/pharmaceutically labelled with the guest’s name. Syringes / needles must be in the original intact guard packaging.


  • Up to four (total for each aircraft) small dogs or cats that are not considered dangerous and are secured in a suitable soft sided, airline approved, leak-proof, and ventilated pet carrier can be housed in the cabin for a fee of $100 each – See How To Save section.
  • Visit Special Services for information about travelling with service or emotional support animals

For more information on items that are permitted, not permitted, and prohibited please go to our Security & Safety section.

Checked baggage

The Baggage section of “How To Save” on this website outlines the Size & Weight and prices of the various baggage types that can be checked on the aircraft. Flair encourages passengers to book optional services (baggage, seat selections etc.) as early as possible. When you use the website versus our people (such as at Airport customer service reps) fees will be lower.

As a simple rule of thumb – when purchasing any optional feature, the further away you are from the aircraft door, the lower the fees.

Passengers are entitled to check as many bags as needed in addition to carry-on baggage. All items noted in the above carry-on section can be checked, with the exception of matches, lighters, or other combustible products. All checked baggage is subject to a fee and to the size and weight specifications noted in the Baggage section of “How To Save”.

Sports equipment, fishing and hunting equipment and other special baggage are considered as part of the customer’s checked baggage allotment. They should be properly packed and are subject to the baggage fees as set out in the How To Save section unless otherwise specified. Other details and specifications for these types of items are listed below in the Acceptable Checked Baggage Items list.

Acceptable Checked Baggage Items

All applicable overweight, oversize and baggage limits and fees apply.

All Items included in Carry On Section

  • Excluding matches, lighters, electronic cigarettes or other combustible products.
  • For a complete list of items permitted in checked baggage please visit
  • There are specific instructions on how to handle various types of batteries for both carry on and checked baggage. Please refer to this link for more detailed information:

Infant Car Seats

See Children and Infants Section – No fees for one per child.

Medical Devices

See Special Services section – No fees.


See Children and Infants Section – No fees for one per child.

Mobility Devices (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.)

See Special Services section – No fees.

Sports Equipment (listed in alphabetical order)

Archery Equipment Bow/crossbow and arrows must be packaged in a rigid and/or hard shell container specifically designed for shipping. A set consists of a bow/crossbow, a quiver of arrows and a maintenance kit.

Bicycle – a maximum of one bicycle and one helmet per customer. Bicycles should be packed in a wrapper, bag or box and any parts should reduce to the smallest dimensions (seats, handlebars), and packed to avoid moving or leaking. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Fishing & Hunting Equipment

Game – Must be packaged for shipping in leak proof, hard shell containers. Antlers must be completely free of raw blood or meat or odour and be securely packaged to prevent puncture damage to other baggage or aircraft infrastructure. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Firearms – Are permitted ONLY in checked baggage, and ONLY if the firearm is:

  • Unloaded (declaration must be signed)
  • Packaged in a locked, heavy-duty container or hard-sided (opaque) gun case.
  • Restricted firearms must be locked with either a cable lock or trigger lock.
  • Non-restricted firearms such as hunting rifles and shotguns do not require a cable or trigger lock.
  • Flair will accept only the following types of firearms: shotguns, BB guns, starter pistols, unrestricted rifles, air pistols, paintball guns (Please note: carbon dioxide cartridges/tanks for paintball guns will only be accepted if empty, with the valve secured in the open position.
  • Tasers and stun guns are prohibited for transport
  • Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Fishing Equipment – Includes one fishing rod and one tackle box per customer. Fishing rods must be encased in a hard-shell cylinder/container. Overweight and oversize.

Golf Clubs – One golf set consisting of golf balls, golf clubs and golf shoes will be accepted per customer. Golf equipment must be packaged in a rigid and/or hard shell container specially designed for shipping, or in a bag with an attached hood. Bags with built-in tripods must have the legs taped or secured to the bag. Golf bags will not be considered oversize items. Overweight fees apply.

Hockey Equipment (or other field or rink sports) – Limit of one carrying bag (with handles) per customer can contain: helmets, pucks, rings, footballs, sticks, pads, cleats, shoes and skates. Hockey goalie pads will be accepted at no additional fee and must be strapped together with no loose straps. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Kayaks – One per customer. Must be packaged for shipping to prevent damage. Maximum dimension accepted: 300 cm x 45 cm x 76 cm (length x width x height) or 9’8″ x 1’5″ x 2’5″. Due to the size, the aircraft we may be limited to a small number of kayaks, please call Flair at 780-809-1784 ahead of arriving at the airport. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Paintball Equipment – One set per customer – includes one paintball gun or marker (hopper and tank – 591 ml / 20 oz. max), helmet and mask. Must be placed in a gun case or comparable checked baggage. This item may be restricted to certain destinations as it may be considered a firearm. Any battery source must be disconnected. All tanks must be drained and any valve must be removed or secured in the open position. CO2 cartridges are not permitted. Paintballs must be packaged in the original container. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Parachutes – One parachute that does not contain a compressed or explosive type of activation device is accepted per customer. Parachutes that contain an automatic activation device may be accepted, however barometric or other triggering devices must be disconnected and must be packaged for shipping. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Rackets – Must be properly packaged in appropriate bag or container. If size permits could also be considered as carry-on baggage. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Scuba Gear – One set per customer. Includes a pair of fins, mask, regulator, snorkel, spear gun (must be disarmed as is considered a firearm), tank harness, empty scuba tank or cylinder (cannot contain any compressed air or gas – pressure gauge must read zero and tank valve must be open). Battery transport restrictions apply. Must be packed for shipping. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Skateboards, Scooters and Other Wheeled Devices – One unit per customer. Must be packed to prevent damage. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Self-Balancing Scooter (Hoverboard) Travel Notice: For the overall safety of our customers and employees, Flair prohibits the transport of all battery-powered, self-balancing scooters (hoverboards) as checked or carry-on baggage. Self-balancing scooters often contain lithium or lithium-ion batteries that exceed the limitations set by the CTA and CATSA, regarding what types of batteries may be transported on passenger aircraft. While occurrences are rare, the batteries in self-balancing scooters can overheat and cause a fire.

Ski / Snowboard Equipment – One set of ski equipment consisting of skis, boots and poles or a snowboard and boots, or a pair of water skis will be accepted per customer. Ski equipment must be packaged in a bag or container specially designed for shipping. Skis will not be considered oversize items, provided the container is 203 cm / 80 in. or less. Oversize fees may apply if larger than the dimensions noted above. Overweight fees apply.

Sports Balls –  Inflatable sport balls such as basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs should be partially deflated and are also permitted in carry-on baggage. Bowling balls are accepted as carry-on or checked baggage but must be packed in a bowling bag. You are permitted one set of bowling equipment within applicable size and weight limits. A set consists of a bowling bag, one 10-pin bowling ball or two five-pin balls, and bowling shoes. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Surfboards & Windsurfers – One per customer. Must be packaged for shipping to prevent damage. Maximum dimension accepted: 300 cm x 45 cm x 76 cm (length x width x height) or 9’8″ x 1’5″ x 2’5″. Due to the size, we may be limited to a small number of surfboards and windsurfers, please remember to call Flair at 780-809-1784 ahead of arriving at the airport. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Other Special Baggage

Musical Instruments – Seats may not be purchased for instruments. Small instruments may be brought on as carry-on baggage, if they meet the size and weight requirements. Exceptions may be made for irregular-sized instruments. All instruments must be stowed in the overhead compartment, under the seat or in other approved locations. This is left to the discretion of the Flair representative upon checking flight and baggage loads. Instruments may also be accepted in checked baggage when they are properly packed. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Perishable items – Flair does not accept liability for spoilage for any reason including delays. Flair will accept perishable items (including but not limited to floral products, fruit, meat, etc.) as part of your checked baggage and / or carry-on baggage. Improperly packaged items will not be accepted for transport in carry-on or checked baggage. Products must be eviscerated. Perishable items must meet the weight and size guidelines, and must also:

  • Be packaged in a leak proof container (e.g. a metal or plastic cooler) that is able to withstand shock, normal handling, vibration, changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. For this reason, Styrofoam™ coolers will not be accepted as checked baggage.
  • Be marked as “perishable” or “fragile” and have a directional “this side up” arrow.
  • Use only acceptable coolants which include gel packs and frozen vegetables. Your perishable items cannot be packed with regular ice or brine (which is corrosive).

Camera Film –  should be packed in carry-on baggage, as screening machines for checked baggage may affect it. Film below ISO 800 won’t be harmed by carry-on screening machines. You can request a hand inspection by Airport Security.

Alcohol – Homemade alcohol is not permitted as the alcohol content cannot be verified. Commercially produced alcohol containers are accepted as checked baggage providing they are in their original retail packages and conform to relevant Canadian alcohol laws. Overweight and oversize fees apply.

Damaged and missing baggage

Flair flights are point-to-point, non-stop or single stop, so baggage is always travelling on the same plane as its owner. Furthermore, our partners do not codeshare with other airlines, so your baggage does will not transfer to another airline without you taking it there. The result will be that baggage should rarely be delayed.

Unfortunately the world is not a perfect place so we have the following provisions in place should your bag be misdirected or damaged:

  • If a bag is left behind (other than because of late check-in) Flair will expediently arrange for the bag to be delivered to the destination airport.
  • If a bag is damaged or missing, or contents are missing, you would have to file a claim with Flair within 7 (seven) days at [email protected]  Or if you spot a problem at the arriving airport, please see one of our representatives right away. Any reimbursement of the claim would go to the individual passenger.
  • In the event that a bag is lost, customers will be reimbursed for their baggage fee in addition to settlement for the loss of baggage
  • If your baggage is delayed, you may be entitled to interim expenses. Interim expenses are considered items required by the passenger for the purpose of the travel taken that may be purchased or rented. When replacing items, passengers are also reminded they are required to limit their loss, as most baggage is returned to the passenger.

For more information about Air Passenger Protection Regulations, click here.

Packing advice

Baggage Labels
Please ensure that some type of label is firmly attached to the outside of each separate bag. The label should contain your name, phone number and email (do not include the address of your home, but a business card is appropriate). The same information should be placed prominently inside the bag, in the event that the exterior label should come detached.

Please do not leave your baggage unattended at any time. Baggage should always be kept locked, however, you may be requested to allow your baggage to be searched, so please have your key or combination readily available.

Identification, jewelry, cash, medication, mobile communications devices and keys should be kept in personal carry-on bags. Please do not have any prohibited items such as small knives attached to key-chains.

For insurance purposes, create a list of the contents of both carry-on and checked bags in the event they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Fragile Items
Ensure such items, whether as carry-on or checked baggage, are packed appropriately to prevent damage from dropping, vibration, heat, cold or barometric pressure or from becoming a nuisance or hazard due to breakage or leakage.

Sorry this whole “Baggage topic” took a little time, but care and preparation will ultimately make you a happier traveler.

So pack safely, stick by the rules, save lots of money by making your decisions on what to check in and what to carry on board as early as possible and have a wonderful trip with Flair.

Bon voyage!