autism aware

Flair Airlines is proud to announce that all of our flight attendants have recently completed a specialized training course in ‘autism awareness’ – a first for a Canadian airline.

flair becomes canada’s first certified autism aware airline

Flair’s cabin-crew members successfully completed the certification course conducted by Connecticut-based Autism Double-Checked: The course is designed to prepare flight attendants to recognize and cater to the special needs of autistic guests as well as to help prepare the autistic guest for the air travel experience.

In North America, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects approximately one in 58 children. Research has shown that families with an autistic child are significantly less likely to take vacations for fear of how their child will react when confronted with the many unfamiliar and daunting challenges represented by crowded airports, airplanes and hotels.

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Autism Aviators Take Flight

In cooperation with Edmonton International Airport (EIA), CATSA, Autism Edmonton and Autism Double-Checked, Flair hosted a trial boarding event at EIA in June, 2019.

Families with autistic children were invited to experience every phase of the airport experience: checking in, clearing security, waiting at the gate, boarding, finding your seat and fastening a seat belt. The standard onboard announcements will be made followed by the deplaning and arrival process.

We have plans to continue helping to familiarize families with the travel experience on the ground and in the plane. Stay tuned for future events in our airports across Canada.