plane & simple tips

We’ve stripped back every costly addition to help more people fly for less. That means you only pay for what you want. Check out these tips to get the most out of your flight.


Check out all the Flair products and services that will make sure you get the most out of your flight.
From babies to bicycles and everything in-between, we’ll help answer all your biggest questions about travelling with Flair.

book your way

Select your fare and bundle up! We’ve taken our most popular add-ons and packaged them together. The savings on purchasing a bundle option is massive. Check them out and see what’s right for you.

checked bags cost less

To keep our base fares as low as possible, we charge passengers for checked bags and carry-ons. The best (cheapest) time to pay for a bag is when you book. To help reduce cabin clutter and speed up boarding, checked bags cost less than carry-ons.

baggage pricing

one personal item is free

Every passenger is allowed to board with a personal item (e.g. an average-size backpack, purse, shoulder bag or laptop bag). It has to fit under the seat in front of you, so please check out our rules on size and weight.

baggage pricing

priority perks

Have you always wanted to be the first person to board a plane? For a small fee, you can get
cozy before anyone else.

priority seating pricing

Save your seat

Love that middle seat? You can choose that too, or even a window one if you purchase before you board the plane.

seat selection pricing

save on your boarding pass

Don’t get dinged. Remember to print your boarding pass at home or keep it on your phone. If we have to print your pass at the airport, we will charge a fee. Please note that only 1 boarding pass per mobile device is allowed.

boarding pass pricing

yes, we have snacks and drinks

Got the munchies? You can buy delicious snacks and refreshments from our in-flight crew.

view in-flight menu

get flex with travelflex

Pro tip: For just $10, you can change your reservation once or postpone your trip without paying change fees. Customers who do not show up for their flight will forfeit the fare paid.