escape 48

How are you filling your 48 hour weekends? There’s so much that can be done in 48 hours and we want to prove it to you. We’re flying @marcwebster and @lostcoordinate to all of our destinations for action-packed weekends. Check out their escapes and give these itineraries a try – we dare you!

their escapes

From helicopters to sand dunes to waterfalls, see what’s next for @marcwebster and @lostcoordinate. Don’t just take it from us, click on the escapes below to hear about the trip directly from @marcwebster and @lostcoordinate.

@marcwebster & @lostcoordinate

Hello! My name is Marc Webster, I am a filmmaker and photographer from Alberta, Canada. All you need is a camera and the explorer spirit! Thank you for following along with our adventures!

Hey everyone, my name is Brayden or Lost Coordinate and I’m a content creator from Alberta, Canada. I’m so excited to share all of the adventures with you. My camera has brought me places I never thought I would go so now its time you join in on the adventure!