flight insurance

          cancellation & delay

          let’s be honest, sometimes things happen.

          manulife flight assistance

          Manulife Flight Assistance is real-time flight disruption insurance designed to alleviate the frustration caused by a flight delay or cancellation. Benefits are automatically triggered by the length of the delay, and instantly sent via text message.

          benefits include

          • complimentary airport lounge access
          • monetary benefit
          • complimentary hotel room
          • flight rebooking in the event of a cancellation

          why choose manulife flight assistance?

          Your flight status is always being monitored and you’ll know right away if there’s a delay or cancellation. Save time and reduce frustration by avoiding long lines to reschedule your flight. Everything is arranged from your mobile phone. No need to wait for claims to be processed. All offers and benefit payments are sent to you instantly.

          it’s plane & simple

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